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Dr. Kuhlberg and his entire staff are committed to providing exceptional orthodontic treatment in a warm, friendly, and caring environment. Our primary goal is to create a rewarding experience that gives you your best life-long smile. Our patient care is based on core scientific principles practiced with personal care. We use only the most advanced and proven methods to ensure our patients receive exceptional treatment and outstanding results.

As a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, Dr. Kuhlberg has the highest credentials as an Orthodontic Specialist. For more than ten years running, he has also been honored as a “Top Dentist” in both Connecticut Magazine and Hartford Magazine! He has authored many scientific articles and chapters in orthodontic textbooks that contributed to advancements in the field.


My mother always smiled. For most in her life, she also had “crooked teeth.” About the time that I was in college, she finally got them fixed. No, she didn’t get braces, instead she got a dental bridge which finally gave her straight front teeth. I am pretty sure that is one of the greatest gifts she ever gave herself. She did not need “perfect teeth” to smile, she smiled by default. Her personality assured that she would share her joy of life and gratitude with a smile. Yet, when she was able to get her teeth fixed, it magnified her irrepressible love for all of life’s amazement. Her smile was another of those lessons in life only moms can teach.

When my mother got her teeth fixed, I had no idea I would become an orthodontist. Like a lot in my life, I think she shaped it gently and subtly. 

“Smiles Change Lives.” That’s the slogan of the American Association of Orthodontists philanthropic service of which we are a part. Smiles do change lives. Our smiles are the ultimate expression of joy and trust.

Smiles don’t come from beautiful teeth, they come from within the person. But beautiful teeth can brighten that smile and magnify the confidence, esteem, and happiness expressed by it.

I want to help you achieve the smile that changes your life and helps you change the World!

 “What you should put first in the practice of our art is how to make the patient well; And if he can be made well in many ways, one should choose the least troublesome.” – Hippocrates

It is well-known that orthodontic treatment is awkward, demanding, and expensive. In the spirit of Hippocrates, I believe the best orthodontic care is the least troublesome. For every one of our patients, we strive to make treatment as cost effective, enjoyable, and easy as possible.


Dr. Kuhlberg began his professional career as a professor at the University of Connecticut. While there, he developed his expertise in orthodontic biomechanics. His contributions to the understanding of the biomechanics of orthodontic devices has resulted in the development and design of several appliances. This background allows Dr. Kuhlberg to develop individualized solutions for unique patient problems that are based on the fundamental science of orthodontics.

He joined Dr. Gordon Crouch following Dr. Brian Zeiner’s retirement in 2003. When Dr. Crouch retired in 2008, Dr. Kuhlberg transitioned fully to private practice in Avon.

In his academic career, Dr. Kuhlberg has authored articles and chapters, has lectured regionally, nationally, and internationally. His many roles at UConn included being the Clinical Director for the Division of Orthodontics and Director of Pre-Doctoral Orthodontic Education.


·      Advanced Education: Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics and Master of Dental Science, University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, 1992

·      Dental Education: Doctor of Dental Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, 1989

·      Bachelor of Arts: Biology and Psychology, Hartwick College, 1984


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