Don’t let braces ruin your Halloween

Halloween is a time to enjoy delicious candies you might avoid the rest of the year. Youngsters who get to dress up and ask for sweet treats out trick-or-treating cherish this holiday.

If you have braces on, Dr. Kuhlberg would like you still to have fun and celebrate Halloween this year!

It’s easy to get carried away on Halloween by eating too much candy at once. Most parents try to prevent the all-too-common sugar high their kids experience on Halloween night. While there are certain candies that should be avoided, not all candy will cause problems for kids with braces. After trick-or-treating, you could trade unsafe candies with siblings and/or friends so they don’t miss out on the sugar buzz.

Dr. Kuhlberg and our team have come up with a list of teeth-friendly treats that should keep you from worrying about breaking your braces. We also came up with a list of candies to avoid, so as to save you a trip to our office. Remember to be extra careful when you indulge this Halloween!

Braces-Friendly Sweets

  • Solid chocolate: Milk, white, or dark
  • Nougat-filled candy bars: Three Musketeers
  • Powdery candy: Sweet Tarts, Pixie Stix
  • Mint-flavored candy
  • Malted milk balls
  • Skittles
  • M&Ms
  • Soft cookies
  • Peanut butter crackers

Avoid These Treats

  • Sticky candy: Starbursts, toffee, Tootsie Rolls (Try sucking on these candies rather than biting into them)
  • Hard candy: Suckers, Jolly Ranchers (Just like the sticky candies try not to bite into these)
  • Taffy
  • Caramels (Soft caramels are okay)
  • Fruit chews
  • Gum (sugar free is fine to have!)
  • Caramel apples

The most important thing to remember is to BRUSH after eating all this candy. All this sugar is bad to leave on your teeth so after indulging in a Halloween treat make sure to brush your teeth well!

When in doubt, ask Dr. Kuhlberg if a particular candy is safe to eat when you have braces. We hope you enjoy your Halloween sweets, and look forward to seeing you at your next appointment! Happy Halloween!

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